Mahogany table

Sword of light cavalry model 1822


Pneu Michelin

Drink more wine

Fire bucks

Painting from Flore Vindevogel

Painter's palettes

Collection of tin plates


Pair of metal sheets

A wooden pipe head

two german bayonets Mauser S98 WW I


Photographe of german lieutenant Werner Ludwig

A bronze NP eagle

1 A bleu stone column

Little butchers table


Nature morte

Fire plate

Peugeot 304

Maisonde campagne


French seats XIX th century

French small sword 18th century

Les Chefs- d'oeuvre d'Art à l'exposition universelle de 1878

A picture of Franz Ferdinand of Austria

fire screen with chinoiserie decors

Rt Kumont 1873

Collection of with porcelain

Porte journaux

High iron garden table

A pair of policrom angels

Portrait of a french soldier Poilus

A wooden owl

A lot of candlesticks

Pompe a biiere en faience

A painting from L Bossaerts F 1851


A french solex

Velum book

Antique sword in the style of medieval era

German Powderflask XVI th century

Religious book

fireplace screen

A panel painting of two cows

Lead glass

An oak vitrin cabinet

state in zamac

An der Somme 1914-1918 WW. I

Album de guerre 1914-1918

group of decorative zamac statues

Oak cabinet

Wooden mallet

street view

fireplace screen

Orfèvreries anciennes conservées au Trésor de Hal

Waterbottle Infantry Regiment of Picardie 1774

French Chasseurs à cheval

fireplace screen

Julian Key


The big book

statue of a nude lady - gilded bronse

Small oak side table

A Romen helmet

18th century L'enfant à l'oiseau - engraving by Boucher

fireplace screen

Médaille de Sainte Hélène - Napoléon

small portrait of napoleon

Fire plate

art décor portrait of a young lady

A wooden mason hammer


A little bookcase

Mill screw

french cuirassier

Napoleon - Gravure Les adieux de Fontainebleau

Stillife with flowers

Painters palette

2 Frenche pub table

Oak chest

Cheese boards

Engraving of King Leopold I

View of a harbor

Wall lights

french bistro table

Louis XIII Small tabouret

Emp Bronze door fittings

Soldier at rest

A wooden carved stand


Louis XIII Os de mouton seat

Boule d'escalier

Salt mill

small side table

1 Butcher block

map of the city of Aalst

Exceptional flemish renaissance Chest

Small Louis XIII chest in oak

wonderful lot of old Michelin Guides

a lot of old keys


two identical counter

European Vase

French Jar

Louis XV console with white marble


A pair of nice suitcases

Small commode in oak

French chest

4 Advertisement for Grassion Alfred Quinquina


Lot of six regional oak chairs

3 white corals

Two French Jars

Mahogany piano stool

table in oak

Compagnie Maritime Belge

Baby seat

German cabinet


Man holding a bull

Little showcase

beer jars

lot of church chandeleers

three french chandeleers

pair of iron statues

iron table

Lot of comtoise clocks

two fencing masks and some swords

Iron chapel door

Granimat advertisement - colour chart

Grand chaudron en cuivre rouge

Liégeois glassware

Jean qui rit et Jean qui pleure

Lot of Val St Lambert vases

A pair of bronze cassolettes

Lot of tin

Lot of 5 Liégois cans

Small statue of a lion Volvic Stone - Auvergne

Lot of 4 Val Saint Lambert cristal vases

A french oil jar - auvergne region

Original Letter of Lord Mountbatten

French Jar